A Guide in Exploring the Different PVC Fittings

pvc fittings

A Guide in Exploring the Different PVC Fittings

Many of us have confusion and questions when it comes to PVC fittings and most of this involves the sizes and the usage of the fittings. There are varieties of PVC fittings that are available in the market right now. If you’re a beginner in the piping system it may overwhelm you, but no worries we are here to help you! For the sizes, we have a chart on our website for your guidance. And finally, we are going to talk about the different PVC fittings and what are their functions in the system.

1. Elbow

elbow 90 degree, 45 degree, 22 degree

Elbow is the one you need for turning your pipes to the left or right side. And elbows are available in 90° angle, 45° angle, and 22° angle to help you in directing the flow of the water depending on how you want it. Also take note, if the pipes you are using both have the same diameter use a normal elbow, if not use a reducer elbow.

2. Reducer


Reducer fitting is a helpful tool in the piping system for pipes that has a different size. This fitting allows the change of the connection of the system without interrupting the flow of the water. 

3. Equal Tee

equal tee

Equal Tee is a T-shaped fitting that is applicable for 3 pipe connections with the same diameter size as the main pipe. It has two outlets and one inlet that used to combine the flow of the water in a three-way. 

4. Tee Reducer

tee reducer

Compare to the equal tee, the tee reducer has two large outlets and a smaller outlet. The purpose of this fitting to let the flow of the water continuously, even though the diameter of the pipes have different sizes. Also, there are also type reducer fittings that all the 3 holes has different sizes.

5. Double Socket

double socket

Double socket use to join two ends of the pipe of the pipe to create a long straight line of the water connection. And the difference of this fitting to the reducer is that you can use this for the same diameter size of the pipe, otherwise use the reducer. 

6. Flange Adapter

flange adapter

The flange adapter’s purpose is to be attached to the end part of the pipe tube or the flanged part of it. When connecting this fitting on the pipe, no need to do wielding for this because all you need is a right set screw to attach both of the materials and to prevent blow-off of the water.

We hope this article helps you in answering and learning the differences and usage of the PVC fittings. If you still have questions and concerns you can message us on our Facebook page, and you can check the detail of our product and services there.

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