ERA PPR are high quality pipes and fittings that are made from Polypropylene Random Co-polymer resins. It is a versatile piping system that can be used in different applications. It has impact strength and resistance to high temperature that is advantageous to potable water industries.

It has essential advantages which makes it specifically suitable for water and gas appilcations. It can also be used in irrigation system, industrial facilities and in building installation.

PVC pipes are corrosion resistant, cost-effective, has long service life, easy to install and widely code accepted. It can be used under or above ground of buildings.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC Pipes are the most widely used piping system for pressure and non-pressure application. It also conforms to various ASTM standards.

Polycarbonate is made from Bayer PC resin that comes from Germany. It has a high density UV layer that holds up the ultraviolet radiation that protects the polycarbonate sheet from yellowing and prolongs life span. It can be used from walls to ceiling and from exterior to interiors.

Ecobond is a “state of the art” aluminum composite panel with pre-coated aluminum skins thermo-bonded to polyethylene core which promotes corrosion-free and color preservation.

The valve seat is made by P.T.F.E. material, and after special treatment, it is easy for operation and no block in usage. The products are special designed, fine in appearance, have comfortable handle with PVC sleeve.

We provide other high quality piping system whether for sanitary, electrical or waterline.

We can provide you high quality products from PVC Pipe, Polycarbonate Sheet to Era PPR, and more. Our prices are competitive and we serve our clients with excellence.