Fire Prevention: How to Protect Your Office Building from Fire?

fire prevention

Fire Prevention: How to Protect Your Office Building from Fire?

It is mandatory for offices and schools to do a fire drill. With fire drills, we learn the proper ways on how to move and act when we’re facing fire trouble, but is practicing it enough? We all know our lives are important, that’s why it is also crucial for us to create safety measures on what we should do to prevent accidents, such as fire. Fire protection and prevention should also be one of the top priorities in your workplace and other commercial establishments.

Here are a few office fire safety tips to keep your office building secure in the event of a fire.

1. Check Electrical Wires and Circuits

check electrical wires and circuits

Be certain that your office’s electrical wiring and circuits are well-planned and properly designed. Replace any damaged or cracked electrical sockets, cables, and wires as soon as possible. Never use low-cost wires or sockets to power heavy electrical equipment. Be certain that the electrical equipment you are using is of high quality and made by a reputable company. Keep in mind as well that electrical circuits should not be overloaded.

2. Be Aware of Office Appliances

office appliances

Copiers, desktop computers, notebook computers, and other similar devices have the tendency to overheat and trigger an electrical fire. Any gadget, from the coffee maker to the printer, can generate heat and eventually start a fire in the vicinity, especially with combustible materials around, like paper. Cords that are frayed, pinched, or broken are also fire hazards. They are particularly hazardous near carpeting. Stop overloading any circuits when plugging appliances, machines, and other electrical cords. Inspect cables for damage on a regular basis. Switch off and unplug equipment when not in use.

3. Have a Protection Tool and Equipment

have a protection tool and equipment

Sprinklers and warning systems can help minimize losses that fire can cause. A dependable alarm system is an efficient safety net for detecting fires before they spread. As a result, a high-quality fire alarm is a crucial investment for any office or establishment.

4. Avoid Littering

avoid littering

Paper near appliances and heating systems is a fire hazard. Trash, bottles, and other flammable products should all be kept in order and kept away from potential fire sources. Anything that your office no longer requires should be recycled or disposed of. Going paperless is one method of avoiding fires caused by paper. 

If you go this path, keep in mind that adding more technology and office equipment will increase the risk of an electrical fire. Also, fire extinguishers should be located in clearly visible and designated locations in office premises and commercial facilities. Check if the fire extinguishers are in good working order and that they are serviced on a regular basis. Office personnel and staff should be briefed properly on how to use a fire extinguisher during an emergency.

5. No Smoking Inside

no smoking inside

Never allow your customers, guests, or workers to smoke indoors. Careless smoking can start a fire, so it should only be done outside. You may, however, have a designated and separate smoking arrangement, also known as a “smoking area,” inside your office premises. This location should have adequate air ventilation and adhere to all applicable regulations.

6. Store Hazardous Materials Away From Electronics

store hazardous material away from electronics

All flammable products, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous material, should be stored in separate and protected areas. Teach the office workers to treat flammable liquids with extreme caution.

Don’t forget to unplug electronics that aren’t needed to avoid overheating that can start a fire. Doing this also helps to save energy. Make sure you double save all of your important documents as a backup in case a fire occurs at your workplace.

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