How to Clean and Maintain Your Aluminum Composite Panel

How to Clean and Maintain Your Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel, or ACP, is one of the most used construction materials today and the demand for this product continues to increase as well. That’s why ACP offers a wide variety of special features that can add to the uniqueness of the establishment. ACP gives a great visual to the architecture of your establishment, but most of the time these panels are exposed to pollution, acid from rainwater, and dust. Once your ACP is exposed, the panels will look dull and the beauty of the establishment will fade. Here is the list of helpful tips and guides to bring back the cleanliness of the ACP.

1. Use Cleaning Detergents

Use a mild detergent when cleaning both exterior and interior aluminum composite panels. Don’t forget to run a pre-test of the detergent in a small area before applying it all over. This cleaning detergent will gently remove the dust and other aggressive stains visible on the panel. When diluting the detergent, the water temperature should be mild because cleaning an ACP with an extreme temperature could damage its surface or the dirt will remain.

Take note that the ratio of the detergent and clean water should be at 1:5. Use a sponge or any soft cloth that can wipe-off the dirt. Use a squeegee when dying the surface of the ACP.

2. Maintain a Cleaning Pattern

If you use a sponge, squeegee, or microfiber, remember to wipe the surface of the ACP starting from the top to bottom. Drips coming from the cleaning mixture will be lessened, and after that the panel will look good as new. 

3. Keep the Color of the ACP Sheet

It is advisable to use soft fabrics when wiping the surface of the ACP during cleaning time. This method won’t cause damage, such as scratches to the color paint of the panel. It is also not advisable to use a cleaning mixture with potassium hydroxide or caustic soda. If you use this harmful mixture, the coating paint of ACP will come off and cause corrosion.

4. Protect the Coating

This maintenance method is for the installation part of the ACP. If you already have installed the ACP using a sealant, wait for 40-45 days before removing the protective film of the ACP. This will prevent stains from sealants that will be hardened on the surface of it.

Following these helpful tips regularly in maintaining your ACP can enhance the longevity of it and the visual of the panel will remain.

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