Polycarbonate Roof Sheet: Why is it the Best Choice for Skylights?

Polycarbonate Roof Sheet: Why is it the Best Choice for Skylights?

Skylight is one of the most beautiful structures that bring natural light. They come in different designs, but they are most commonly used as a roof. Before, usually, fibre glass was utilized to create a skylight roof. However, as time went on, a lot of alternative materials became available that are more sturdy and high-impact resistant, and one of them is polycarbonate. 

Here are some of the reasons why polycarbonate is one of the best materials for skylight construction:

1. Long-lasting

long lasting

Polycarbonate has 200 times the impact resistance of glass; imagine its power! Polycarbonate is nearly tough to damage or shatter. Furthermore, the material is extremely resistant to all types of weather and climatic conditions which is well-suited for skylight roofs. With its great material quality, there is no need for any regular replacement or maintenance processes.

2. A Centerpiece Material

centerpiece material

With polycarbonate, you may choose the quantity of light you wish to let into your skylight roof. It is extremely strong and flexible, which makes it possible to be molded into any shape. Unlike glass, it can be used to create curved roofs and domes. This is why polycarbonate sheets can be a centerpiece material for your place or building because of their flexibility when it comes to installation. 

3. Prevent UV Rays

prevent UV rays

Skylight roofs are a must for walkways or sidewalks because they keep us safe from the harsh sunlight. And one of the great features of polycarbonate is that one side of the sheet has a unique UV coating layer. Polycarbonate also has a low thermal conductivity, making it an excellent insulator. As a result, no additional heating or cooling devices are required within the structure, and twin-wall polycarbonates provide the best insulation of the bunch.

Polycarbonate sheets are good for tropical countries like the Philippines where it is always sunny because it helps protect and prevent us from getting skin irritation and skin cancer.

4. Easy Material to Handle

easy handle material

Polycarbonate is incredibly flexible, robust, and lightweight, making it easy to transport, install, and carry. Unlike glass, it does not emit hazardous shards when cut or drilled. The resulting shards are non-toxic and readily wiped away. You can also cut the polycarbonate to the form and size you desire. 

For cutting the polycarbonate sheet, all you need is a pair of scissors, a circular saw, or a cutter. Cutter and scissors are the best to use for cutting twin-wall and thin sheets of polycarbonate, while a circular saw is good for thick sheets like  the solid polycarbonate sheets.

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