4 Polycarbonate Roof Types For Your Establishment

4 Polycarbonate Roof Types For Your Establishment

Polycarbonate sheets are made from high-quality materials, that’s why they have high impact strength and temperature resistance. They are also heat and flame retardant. Other than their great quality, polycarbonate sheets come in different forms and designs, especially in roofs that can be broad or narrow in application. Whatever kind of polycarbonate roof you need for your establishment, there’s a style that is perfectly available for your needs. Here are the different  types of polycarbonate roof that you can use. 

1. Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

twin wall polycarbonate sheet

They are also known as a multi-wall polycarbonate sheet that is layered by sheets that makes it stronger than other materials. They are sturdy  as well as lightweight. Twin wall polycarbonate sheet is ideal for sun and rain protection for walkways, garages, swimming pools and stadiums as well as partition walls for soundproofing and flashing for ATM booths. They are also environment-friendly.  

2. Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

solid polycarbonate sheet

The Solid polycarbonate sheet is the best substitute for glass because it is 200 times stronger. This type of sheet has high impact strength making it long-lasting and suitable for canopy, skylight roofs, covered pathways, and other applications. It allows the sunlight to pass-through while being protected from UV radiation. Solid sheets can either be translucent or transparent giving you the feel of having glass in your modern design architecture.

3. Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

corrugated polycarbonate sheet

If you need a roof that is flexible, the Corrugated polycarbonate is perfect for you. It’s high rib design promotes high strength as well as flexibility. It can be both roofing and walling depending on your design and need. You can see this type of polycarbonate roofing in warehouses, factories, garage, open shades, etc. It allows the right amount of sunlight to pass through and at the same time circulate air through its ridges.

4. Embossed and Mini Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

embossed and mini corrugated polycarbonate sheet

Embossed Mini Corrugated Polycarbonate sheets are almost the same in usual application as the regular corrugated polycarbonate. The corrugated polycarbonate has higher rib design; this one is more subtle. When you add this to an embossed structure, it will increase its impact strength. Same as the other polycarbonate sheets, they are also lightweight and flame retardant. So if you just want enough sunlight to enter your premises, use this embossed polycarbonate sheet. It reduces the lights, but it makes the light adapt based on the design of the emboss. You can also use this as industrial roofing, garden or patio roof, and roof for your swimming pool. 

We hope this article has helped you differentiate the design types of polycarbonate sheet that you can use as a roof. 

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