Polycarbonate Roof vs Fiberglass Roofing: Which is Better for Your Home?

roof for your home

Polycarbonate Roof vs Fiberglass Roofing: Which is Better for Your Home?

Choosing roofing materials can be tough, whether it is for your house, patio, car park, canopy, etc. You have to make a decision based on the appearance, and most importantly their strength and longevity. Basically, the roof is there to protect us from the harsh weather and it enhances the appeal of the architecture of your whole establishment. But what is the best roof for your establishment? Let’s find out their differences that will conclude your preferred style.

1. Polycarbonate Roof

polycarbonate roof

Polycarbonate roof allows light to pass through, whether it is opaque, translucent or transparent. There’s a lot of options you can choose from the color and the style of your roof. And because it has a variety of styles and colors, this roof can make your architecture look stunning. They are also two hundred times stronger than glass. They are absolutely high impact, lightweight for carrying and installing. Most importantly, it can withstand any weather.  

2. Fiberglass Roof

fiberglass roof

Fiberglass roof is another example of a durable material for your establishment. They are ideal for homes that are usually exposed in warm and cold weather. Since fiberglass is durable, it helps to prevent cracks and further damages, plus it is  flame-resistant. It has a wide variety when it comes to styles, colors, and patterns. This type of roof is also easy to install, that’s why it won’t be hard to repair or replace it if a damage occurs. 

3. Maintenance

roof maintenance

Both of the roofs are going to be exposed from harsh weather conditions, so from time to time, you’ll need to maintain them. You also have to check if they’re installed properly, especially when the storm hits your place. A polycarbonate roof is easy to clean because it has high resistance against chemicals that may affect the color of the roof. But you have to be careful at times because they easily get scratched. 

If you want to maintain the appearance of a fiberglass roof, you have to remember that it is not suited for hot weather. And when it comes to cleaning, you’ll need cleaning soap, water, and squeegee (or any microfiber cleaning materials). Take note that you have to be extra careful when cleaning the fiberglass roof because it can be slippery and might cause accidents.

4. UV Light Resistance 

UV light resistance

UV rays that come from the sun cause sunburn, skin aging, and eye problems. That’s why we have roofs to protect us from the harshness of the sun. Fiberglass roofs are not suited in hot weather because their colors will start to deteriorate and expose the UV rays directly. On the other hand, Polycarbonate roofs can be exposed in hot weather without fading its color and it has UV light resistance. So if you live in hot places, polycarbonate roof is the best option for your establishment.

5. Costing

They are very different from each other when it comes to their price. Polycarbonate roofs are usually low-cost, that’s why they are great alternatives for the traditional roofing. Fiberglass roofs are higher when it comes to the price, and sometimes you have to pay extra if you’ll need some repairing and maintenance. Polycarbonate is the best choice for roofs because they are affordable and high-quality. That’s why you have to choose wisely on what is best for your establishment.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, that’s why it is also advisable to get the opinion of your contractor. You have to remember to properly install your roof because the strength and longevity of the roof can also depend on it.

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