The Differences of Polycarbonate Sheets and Acrylic Sheets

polycarbonate vs. acrylic

The Differences of Polycarbonate Sheets and Acrylic Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets have plenty of similarities. That’s why these two types of materials are always compared to each other because they are almost identical in their uses and benefits. But both also have differences if we look closely. With this article, we will help you understand their differences to help you select better to what fits your needs.

1. Durability


Compared to glass, polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets are much lighter yet stronger and durable than glass. Both have high-impact resistance, though the acrylic sheet is 10 times stronger than the glass while the polycarbonate sheet is 200 times stronger than both of them. Acrylic sheets are very rigid materials and they are not suitable for roofing because they crack easily. While on the other hand, polycarbonate sheets are known to be a great option for skylight roofing.

2. Maintenance


Both of these materials are easy to maintain in terms of cleaning. Running water with soft cloth will do it. But keep in mind to avoid using rough scrubs that can cause scratches that can ultimately ruin the look of the sheets. Though another concern in maintaining, is the use of chemical cleaners. Polycarbonate sheets have a better chemical resistance compared to acrylic sheets. Acrylic sheets are reactive to chemicals such as alcohol that makes it brittle.

3. Forms and Color

When it comes to colors, both of these sheets have a variety of colors available in the market. The polycarbonate sheet has a variety of forms like the solid, mini corrugated, corrugated, and twin-wall, while acrylic’s usual form is smooth and shiny. And another factor where they differ in color is that the polycarbonate sheet has a high UV resistance that prevents discoloration of the sheet and protects people from the harsh sunlight. 

4. Applications

Both of the materials have similarities when it comes to applications, like windows and walls for greenhouses, but if you want something that requires high-impact resistance go for a polycarbonate sheet. Because when you use the acrylic sheet you need to consider the weight of the item you’ll use with it. The polycarbonate sheets are 20 times stronger than acrylic sheets which reduce the chance of breakage and cracks as the material is being installed. They can be used as windshield material for vehicles, store display windows, sound barriers and many more.

We hope you enjoy and learn a lot about their differences. And don’t forget to ask your contractor what is best for your project. And if you’re looking for Polycarbonate Sheets, you’ve come to the right place. Inquire now and we will be glad to service your next project.

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